Ren & Stimpy

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

I try not to write too much about what is going on the Internet. First of all it is far too much anyway, secondly there are already too much people doing that, and last but not least I want to write about myself. There are many people doing what I am trying to do and who do it better than me . If I focussed on that, I would only get frustrated. But last night I was reading in a beautiful blog, The Eye of the Goof, written by a person who calls himself Mr. Bali Hai, and I saw this record cover:
There was a link beneath this cover to another blog, Secret Fun, published by Kirk Demarais. On November 21, 2006 he explains what is the story behind this record cover. If you happen to like cartoon music, I would check this out, because for as long as it lasts you can download this virtual CD.
I wonder why there are so little CD’s available with cartoon music. If I had a record company, a series of compilations of cartoon music would be on top of my list. There is so much of this music on library records, soundtrack LP’s and other obscure vinyl, that hardly anybody has ever heard. There’s work to do here, my friends!
(To be continued!)



2007-11-05 13:49:17

pinshe caricatura shingonsisima ala verga es otro pedo se la rifaron lo kee es :) ;)


2007-11-05 14:26:19

Buquer, sorry, i have no idea what you are trying to tell me. Language failure!