Asterix en de kernsentrale

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

When i was a kid i made a fanzine about Asterix. It was a photocopied A6 sized zine with some background info on the comics. I think the circulation was 10 copies. I send the first two editions to the publisher of Asterix and got a leter back in which i was told to stop making this magazine and risking a lawsuit if i didn’t. I remember being flabbergasted for days over this reaction.
A few years later this comic showed up:

I would have loved to have done the letering for this book! I already was a letter in 1979 when this comic was published, but the makers probably thought i was not to be trusted, if they knew me at all.
The artwork is from the original Asterix comics; only the texts havebeen changed. The story is about the Romans wanting to built a nuclear plant on the ground where the village of Asterix is.

It is now over thirty years later and i think it would be a good moment to re-relase a better version of this story. I full colour with hand lettering. I am still available!


Dirk bannink

2015-09-01 14:27:02

Nu verschenen twee studies over deze strip:
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