Fake expo's

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Since a week or two my brother Rudi sends me a daily image in which he presents my work as if it is shown in musea.

It is interesting to notice my reactions on these pictures. I am often surprised when i see the photo’s for the first time. But then i also feel some sort of embarrasment, because these are drawing the size of a postcard, made without any purpose or pretention. And next i feel confused because i cannot help thinking that on some of these photoshopped images my works looks totally cool to me. Is this because your own farts never smell bad? Would any drawing look good if you photoshopped it like Rudi did with mine? How do other people see all this?



2011-04-26 22:12:49

These are brilliant!


2011-04-27 02:29:17

I’m with Arjen! :)


2011-04-27 12:17:50

Prefer the outdoor building dessins :-)


2011-04-28 10:18:23

Dit moet je niet met scheten vergelijken. Dit IS cool!

Rudy Talbo

2011-05-01 16:53:29

Ik wil hier een Documentaire over zien in Avro’s kunstprogramma ‘CLOSE UP!!!


2011-05-01 22:02:17

super!!! There is no way in the world you should be embarrassed about this!!!


2011-05-02 12:00:55

Frits. En nu is het genoeg met al die onzekerheid. 10x Diep ademhalen, borst vooruit, ogen open, krachtige blik (oefenmateriaal schilderijen van Napoleon), en ga er voor!


2011-06-29 13:38:50

unbelievable boss lookin’ photos, Thank God for Photoshop.

Aloys Oosterwijk

2023-12-19 16:32:52

Fantastisch broers! Ziet er geweldig uit.