Scifi and Smurfs

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A few days ago Dirk Koorn gave me once again a bag full of great stuff. Like these scifi pocket books:

I read only one of them, and i was thinking that i will only keep the covers. The pages are smelly and the paper is so dry that it almost falls apart when you touch it. I had some the paint on my desk, that Annet Kossen had given me, so i decided to make some drawings on the pages:

That didn’t really work, so i did throw away the rest of the pages and nailed the covers on a shelf of my writing desk.
Dirk also gave me some cool records, but they will have to wait until i have more time.
Here are some pictures that our daughter made for me:

The Smurf belonges to Arjen, my webmaster. It was white and it was made for a painting contest that was held years ago. Months ago i took it with me, because i wanted to paint it. But i didn’t like the first results, so the Smurf ended up on my shelf, waiting for a better idea. Last sunday i suddenly knew what to do: i glued some golfpins on his hat and painted the whole thing silver. And gave it back to Arjen, who was very very very happy with it :)
And finally, for today, a very inspiring TED talk video: