Sketchbook (part 24)

Friday, 15 April 2011

Several people told me that i should make my work larger. My brother Rudi is definitely the one who told me this most often. But I like to work on small pieces of paper with a pen. Of course i wouldn’t mind to have larger reproductions of my work on somebody else’s walls, but i have little interest to make them myself. Maybe if somebody offered me money to do it, i would give it a try, but if not, i prefer to scribble on small pieces of paper.
Rudi created this image in photshop, using one one my drawings:

I laughed out loud when i saw this in the mail. It looks insane! I can understand why Rudi thinks i should make works this size, but i still think that i like these photoshopped illusions better than the real thing.
Here are again some drawings from my sketchbook. All A5 size and in black&white.

Here is another montage that Rudi made to make his point about my drawings:



2011-04-19 11:22:34

Rudi definitely has a point!