Tuesday, 19 June 2007

While working for Radio 100 I met Peter “Eskimo” van Abbe, who made some of the funniest radio shows I ever heard. He was punk to the core and a dedicated fan of The Sex Pistols. He gave me several tapes and CD’s with great stuff from his collection and even some of his own demos. I will come back to his own music later in this Soundtrack.
Maybe I will share some Sex Pistols rarities from the Van Abbe collection with you later in this Soundtrack. Although I am not deep into punk, I do have the Sex Pistols LP’s. I play them once a year, as a ritual. I don’t know much people that still play Sex Pistols records, but they did change the music scene, and apart from that: they had some great songs.
For now I choose a cassette that Eskimo made for his radio show. He taped all the “Oooh’s” that Oliver Hardy said in all the Laurel&Hardy movies and put them together. He used two tape recorders to do this ;if he had waited 15 years, he could have used a computer, which would have made it much easier. But not the same, of course.