Little Richard

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Richard Penniman has a high energy voice, that I love to listen to. I have an LP with all of his greatest hits in their original version. I have also several other LP’s of Little Richard on which he is doing remakes of his own hits, probably for financial reasons. As a musician his magic didn’t last long, but long enough to write history.
On YouTube there are some videos from a concert in his early days. Nice, but not what I have in mind when I listen to the original versions. Here is Rip it up:

I didn’t choose Rip it up without a reason: this song is my favourite Little Richard song.
I remember that I bought the 45 long ago. Not that I was into Little Richard. He belonged to the category of music that I hear so often on the radio that I feel no need to have the records myself. But I played that single one day and immediately noticed my adrenaline level rising. Did this version sound different than the ones I knew, or had I never really listened to this song before?

The reason why I write this is a MashUp, that i discovered a few days ago. For my own pleasure I make CD compilations of my favourite MashUps, which I find all over the Internet. A few days ago I made the 14th compilation. That is serious work: it takes me days to select the songs and to put them in the right order. But the result is a CD that i love so much that I have put it on my daughters MP3 player, so that I can listen to it when I am not at home. ( “Yes, I know it is yours, but daddy needs it, okay?” ) The openingstrack of that CD is one of the best MashUps that I know: Voodoo Molly by The Who Boys. Among many other songs, this is a MashUp of a Little Richard hit. Play it loud!