Pieter Dorrenboom Part 3

Saturday, 23 June 2007

I got an envelop from Pieter Dorrenboom in the mailbox yesterday. The content is spread out before me while I write this, and I am listening to a mini-CD that was also in the package. As you know Pieter plays drums in The Dorktones, and they seemed to have made this mini-CD for a concert last year in the Exit.

Pieter writes a long letter, but he doesn’t mention this mini-CD. Incredible guy, this Pieter: he seems totally unaware of my admiration for the things he does. Or maybe he doesn’t believe me when I say that I am admiring his work.
There are two songs on the mini-CD (I love mini-CD’s!), and I choose a song about a girl called Isabelle.
Pieter also sends me some of his artwork that was published in the AD (a Rotterdam newspaper) and some flyers for music festivals, which he makes a lot. I will put some examples up on this page; if you want Pieter to do artwork for you, you can find him here.
He also sends me lots of sketches, which he made for his illustrations. I keep the best ones for me private little Pieter Dorrenboom Museum, but if you are interested in having one of these sketches, just ask.
(I don’t sell them, but you have to come up with something that pleases Pieter!)
Pieter and I used to trade cassette tapes. When CD’s began to replace tapes, I hesitated long before I accepted this as unavoidable. Pieter is still in the denying phase, and he hasn’t come up with a CD yet. But he writes he is working on it. “I already have I-Tunes on my computer, so basically all I need is a cable that connects my minidisk-player with my computer.” I have offered him help, but I don’t think that Pieter is ready yet for a digital life. I am afraid the world has to wait a little while longer until they can hear the compilations of all the great records in his collection. And I know what is there, so keep in touch.
For today’ s Soundtrack I choose one of the records that Pieter sent me. (I forgot to mention that he also sends me piles of great records in every package!) I already had this 45 in a bad condition without a sleeve. Mel Turner is an (American?) soul singer who operated in Belgium in the sixties. He released several 45’s, which I like quite a bit. I don’t expect anybody to share my enthusiasm for this exotic gospel soul, but I give you the opportunity anyway.


cony jones

2009-12-04 16:58:19

i was born and raised in holand and now reside in the usa.i remembemel turner very well.i was about 14 when we took a fieldtrip to belgium.i dont remember ecxatly where,but i saw mel turner preform and fel in love with his music.i had his picture above my bed for the longest andi never forgot how impressed i was with him and his music and would loveto be able to hear him again