Saturday, 16 June 2007

When my son was about eight years he began listening to rap music. I used to be a lover of hiphop too, until The Getto Boys LP came out. The lyrics of this LP were the last drop that made my my bucket overflow. I already had serious doubts for a while: I am not interested in any form of negativity, and the lyrics of too many raps are not compatible with my ideals. So one day in the eighties I decided to buy no more hiphop LP’s. And I hardly missed it.
Of course I already had quite a collection, and I had friends who gave me tapes of great things I missed. Among these tapes was a copy of the first demo tape of a Dutch band, the Osdorp Posse. The frontman of the O.P. was (and still is) Def P. He was (one of) the first to rap in Dutch. I loved that demo and became a fan. I have no idea how many CD’s the O.P. has released, but more than ten for sure. Today there is a very creative and active Dutch hiphop scene. My son listened to rappers I had never heard of. As a good father I did some research and discovered that Def P had just started a weekly radio show, Tegenwicht voor Evenwicht, in which he only played Dutch hiphop.
I taped the show every week and made CD’s for my son with some of the best songs. Many raps were only demos or private releases, and I became very enthusiast myself. For myself I made a few CD’s with songs that I didn’t think suitable for my son’s young ears. And we even started buying CD’s too, if one of our favourites made an official CD.
I have no idea how I got in contact with Lars, one of the rappers Scylla. I guess I wrote him after I bought the first Scylla CD, which I liked a lot. Scylla has just released a new CD, Rijp & Ongeplukt, with 16 songs. I picked it out of my mailbox two days ago. In the package was also an extra CD, with 11 raps by befriended rappers, like Casto, Def P, and DJ Donor. Both CD’s are worth buying, and they are cheap, so check it out. (The Scylla CD is one of the best Dutch rap CD’s I have heard in months!)(Here can find Scylla and all the info you don’t get here.) In the near future i will write a more detailed story about the Dutch Nederrap scene, and to share some cool rarities with you, but not today.
But I have at least six more months to write (and I have serious plans to continue this Soundtrack for another year after this one), so you will get that story later, whether you like it or not.
Here is a song from the new Scylla CD, featuring Def P, Tegengas.



2007-06-27 04:46:01

Nice! Thanks man!