Horse Power

Saturday, 9 June 2007

I have a subscription to Funky 16 Corners. As a dedicated lover of soul, I enjoy their information and music very much. If you are not yet familiar with Funky 16 Corners, please check it out. While writing this I am listening to their compilation of horse songs.
I love compilations. I am not aware of somebody who has written a history of compilations, but if this is done, I would love to read it. I remember how in the early eighties people began to make theme compilations on cassettes, long before this was done on LP’s. The first themes were trains, monsters, sex and other, rather obvious themes that you cannot come away with nowadays. If you want to raise some eyebrows among people like you and me, you have to come up with more exotic and original themes. Well, I would not consider horses an exotic theme, but as far as I know it is the first time somebody used it for a compilation.
I checked my own collection for soul records about horses that are not in this Horse Power podcast by Funky 16 Corners. Here is one that I liked best: Frank Lucas with I want my mule back.