Josef Laufer

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

I don’t even know how to spell the name of the country. Tzechoslovakia? Cechoslowkya? (Until a few days ago I had an automatic spelling control on my computer, but there has gone something wrong with my Word software. Compared to all the other things that go wrong, this is hardly worth mentioning, and I have decided not to have my day ruined by such details. But sorry for the lousy English in the past few days, and I will do my best to get it fixed as soon as possible.) Tchechoslowkija? The name of the country is on the label, but I cannot read that right now, because I am recording my favourite track of this LP, Utek z hladomorny.
The LP was released in 1969 on the Panton label. The singer is Josef Laufer and he has a band, four guys with moustaches, but I can’t find out if the band has a name. The handwriting on the fold out sleeve is beautiful, but difficult to read, and it is all in Tzechoslowakian of course. On the cover there is a painting of a bird cage, with five birds outside the cage. Deeeep!
As you probably know there has some great music made in countries like Czechoslowakia. I have never heard of these guys, but this LP is one of a kind. Of course I go for the up tempo tracks, but the ballads are also good. Very well produced too; it reminded me of the Italian music of that period. (Hey, I have not mentioned one single Italian record in this Soundtrack yet, and it is already June!)



2007-06-13 03:20:15

It’s now the “Czech republic” anyway so let it rest. Good tune but as usual with Czech beat, horrible, horrible singing. The language is not fit for this kind of music, as opposed to Polish for example, and I can’t stand the way they pronounce everything theatrically. Horrible! Ha ha! Czech music should be instrumental! This tune would be killer if it was too!

Lou Kash

2007-06-25 10:16:14

Josef Laufer & Their Majesties. The album is called “V roce 1969”, “In the year 1969”. “Utek z hladomorny” means “Escape from the dungeon”. I agree that it’s the best song on the album, on the other hand it’s the best album that Laufer ever recorded anyway. The country’s name used to be Czechoslovakia. For more info on Laufer subscribe to – I’m working on an article about him. (P.S. Milan’s comment on the language is quite a BS…)