Time travel

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Here are some one sentence time-travel stories that i wrote. I would love to have them perfected before i publish them in a (very small) booklet, so if anybody has any ideas to make them better, please let me know.

Halfway his lecture, in which he proved that time-travel was violating the laws of physics, professor Dennett was given an handwritten note by a stranger with the rest of his lecture.

Hardly a millisecond after McKenna had finally finished his time-travel machine, he was crushed, because his lab was suddenly filled with time-travellers from the future who came to congratulate him with his invention.

Andrew Milton realised that there must be something wrong with his time-travel machine when he pushed the startbutton for the seventh time and could do nothing to stop doing it.

Andreas Glazer’s life-long work of proving that time-travel was impossible was destroyed when he was shot by a young man who, according to witness accounts, claimed to be his grandson before he vanished without a trace.

Suspicion began to arise when a third passage popped up in Van Gogh’s diary’s, mentioning strange men wanting to buy his paintings for large sums of money.

It was Julie L. Moore who first noticed that a significant amount of of grandfathers was killed without ever finding a single trace of the murderer.

The exact same moment that Liston Verdi shot his grandfather he was killed by a zap-gun in the hands of his grandson.

In jail for murdering his grandfather and illegal use of a time-travel machine, Donald Anath’s mother surprised him with the news that his father was not his real father.

After the last dinosaur was killed, a galactic commission in 3385 finally ordered to forbid time-travel for hunting purposes and to hide all trace of it until 2114.

The end of time was probably caused by a massive amount of visitors from all times and places who hoped to get a glimpse of the event.

Professor Brightwood’s lecture on the impossibility of time-travel came to a sudden end when he noticed at least three versions of himself smiling at him in the audience.


Herman Roozen

2014-03-10 10:03:10

I like number 9.