Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Somewhat ten years ago Milan Hulsing and i made a weekly radio show for Radio 100. We did this for almost two years, but when Radio 100 had to stop broadcasting over the air, due to a new law, we quit. The show was called “Gekkenwerk” and it was basically Milan and me pleasing eachother with songs from our mutual collections on a specific theme.

Although we took the show quite serious, it often was total chaos. Our show was after the talk show of Willem de Ridder, and on the cassettes that i have of Gekkenwerk there is often a few minutes of his voice.
Tonight i started making mp3’s of these tapes. I don’t have all the shows and some tapes have a terrible bad sound quality, because it was recorded at my home, which was almost out of reach of the Radio 100 transmitters. But sometimes i recorded the show at the spot on a portable taperecorder, that i plugged in the mixing board. Like the show about “Aliens”, which i turned into an mp3 tonight.
Here is a LowFi version of the Aliens show, because i cannot upload the complete file (60mb) to this site. But when i have finshed digitalising the cassettes i will make some mp3 cd’s for everybody who is interested. After listening to this example that will be a very small audience, i am afraid.