Past Music Memories

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Today i made 60 of 100 booklets for Flesch Records. If i have ever been involved in a project that seemed doomed, it was this. The booklet looks very simple: six A6 sized pages with record stickers:

I have already shown you some of these record stickers. Harry Berkhout (the owner of Flesch Records) and i collect them and in the booklet are all the nice ones we could find. Here are two pages:

I cannot even remember all the difficulties i encountered making this 100 booklets. And all the time and money that i put in it. It took me months to make them! They had to be copied (full colour!) several times, because things went wrong: wrong paper, wrong montage. I will spare you the rest of the details.
Today was fun: i put 60 booklets together by hand. If you ever see one, you will understand the work it was! The other 40 will have to wait a few days, because my hand is sore from using a cutter knife all day.
I have a handful of booklets for those who want one. They can be bought at Flesch for 10 euro’s, but i prefer to trade. Make me an offer i can’t refuse!
Here is a great song by a band that i heard through a FaceBook friend, named after the singer, Imelda May:



2010-11-29 19:02:00

Can imagine that it was a big job, but it looks like a nice booklet. Perhaps there are stickers in it of record shops in Utrecht that I have not included in my overview yet.


2011-12-28 22:27:40

Very interesting as I just started a serie on my blog of all the stickers I have in my collection. Any chance there is still a copy of a booklet for sale or trade?