Sint (part 2)

Saturday, 13 November 2010

A few days ago i realised that there are no Sinterklaas fonts. Well, of course there the Chocolade-letters, but they are not very useful and not very beautiful either. So i tried to make a Sinterklaas alphabet. Here is the sketch that i liked best:

As with all my alphabet sketches, there has a lot of work to be done to make them real good. In this case at least two letters are quite ugly. So, i tried to make better versions the next day:

I the goodybag that Dirk Koorn gave me was also this advertisement LP, made by Royal Club Tonic:

Of course, you surely don’t want to hear what is on this record, but it is my duty to share at least a few minutes of this LP with you:



2010-11-15 15:31:13

Goeie help. Dat leidt je dan weer naar de website van Ed Starink, die die Royal Club affreuziteit heeft gemaakt. Brrr: