Thursday, 18 November 2010

Today i got a package of postcards of Stichting Kinderpostzegels Nederland, that i ordered a few ago via our daughter. Usually i only buy some stamps, but this year they have six postcards with drawings from Fiep Westerdorp. I think i keep two of the cards for my collection:

In the goody bag that i got from Dirk Koorn last week were also some postcards. This is the real thing, probably from the seventies, although cards like these have been re-re-produced so often that it is hard to date them. Here are some:

Recently i got in contact with a woman who collects (among many other things, as all true collectors) postcards with pictures of swimming pools. Her name is Margit and here three examples:

Among the many pretty stupid cards that i have drawn and lettered in my life, usually ideas of other people, but that is hardly an excuse, is a series of eight cards that can be used as a “zonneklep”. I made them about 25 years ago. It might very well be that they have never been sold, but i stil have a few, in case you cannot resuist the urge to have one. Or eight. Here are all of them, but here are three:

A while ago i started posting some postcards from my collection in this blog, but, like many other projects, there were many other things that i felt had to be done first. But be sure i will not forget it. Here are some of my favourite Batman postcards:

On the back of these cards it reads that you got them with four “Okee’s”, which i vaguely remember as a candybar.

To be continued!