The Skywalkers

Friday, 26 November 2010

The LP by The Skywalkers is out! Marthy Coumans, who released it on his Grey Past label, sent me three copies, because i did the coverdesign .

The band did the colouring and some photoshopping, but the result is pretty cool. It looks very much like their music sounds. If anybody is interested in an LP, make me an offer i can’t refuse.
I have been drawing a lot recently, but all the same sort abstract stuff, of which i have alread shown so much. But here are some drawings that i like more than the others:

Here is a video of The Skywalkers:

And there are more videos on YouTube!



2010-11-26 23:11:30

Zo, lekker bezig zeg. Die cover is heel erg cool.

En ik vind met name de eerste twee tekeningen erg mooi.


2010-11-28 00:13:01

Nu is het mijn beurt om te vragen: hoe maak je dit toch?


2010-11-28 12:04:17

Als ik in reincarnatie zou geloven, zou ik je vragen om een volgend leven met mij te willen ruilen: ik jou muzikale talent en jij mijn vermogen om dit soort tekeningen te maken.