Marc Reeve

Friday, 13 April 2007

This Soundtrack of my life so far has not really given an accurate impression of the sounds that play an important role in my life. Mark Reeve has not been mentioned yet, for example.
I got into contact with Mark Reeve around the end of the previous century. We trade material on mysteries and music, and I have received enough material from Marc to write a book. And actually, that is what I plan to do. He is not only a spider in a web of people who operate in the realms of magic and the occult, he also is a source of intriguing ideas and a very inspiring person.
On one of the first tapes that I got from Marc is a recording that is called White Eagle speaks on “This life and the next”. The message is channelled by a woman named Grace. I am very sceptic about all channelled information, and I don’t belief any of the explanations that are given for this phenomenon. I mean, I don’t think that aliens, beings from other star systems, A.I.’s from far away times and places, mushrooms or angels contact us through our mind. But the phenomenon of getting messages by a voice in your head is real, I have experienced it myself. The things that Grace says here are interesting, and I do not doubt the motives of the woman. But the problem with the Truth is that is always comes to us through the filter of a mind. And per definition there is something left out in the filtering process. Not to mention what is often added to it.
My explanation for the phenomenon (I have no idea what to call it, but I mean the receiving of information, that seems to be not your own, inside your mind) is that our mind works better when left alone. But we think all day, so our mind cannot function optimal. Under certain circumstances, in my case drugs, the real working of the mind breaks through the superficial thinking process. Not knowing what to make of these so called hidden or higher functions of the mind, our thinking mind tries to explain it in the best way it can imagine. But in most cases the new opened mind lacks imagination. I thought for a while (read months here) that the Egyptian god Toth was speaking through my mind, and it was a very convincing illusion! I don’t think that the information, that appears new or unknown to the thinking part of the mind, comes from angels, aliens, A.I.’s, Egyptian deities or other imagined outside sources. It is the mind talking to itself. An internal communication channel has been opened up, and the more stupid parts of the mind are being updated by the parts of the mind that have more and better data.
Mark Reeve has provided me with hours and hours of audio material on matters like these. He also introduced me to the lectures by Terence Mckenna, who is in my opinion the most inspired and eloquent speaker on these subjects. I will try to write more about the audio treasures that Mark Reeve has sent me, but it has to be done in little steps, because it is too much. I have made a few CD’s of some of my favourite material, but I need extra life’s to do justice to everything that Mark sends me.
For today I choose a song that is written by Sun Ra, but that you hear here in a version by The Hybrid Kids. I don’t know anything about The Hybrid Kids, all I have is a tape with some of their songs.