Sunday, 22 April 2007

Not so long ago I complained about MySpace, saying it is either to difficult for people like me to find where the action is, or it is an highly overrated hype. Well, I still have no idea how it works, but I do have already six friends. (Five, if you don’t count Tom.) A few days ago I got a friend request of a man named Tuur. Since I don’t easily call somebody a friend, I checked out who Tuur is.
Tuur is a musician and he sings in Dutch. He names Spinvis as one of his influences (and Jesus Christ Superstar as an other one), and that is what my ears told me too when I listened to the four songs on his MySpace page . I really liked Tuur’s songs. He has a CD out, Reiziger in tijd, with ten songs on it, that only costs 8 euros, so I ordered one. But he gave it for free, “to show you that not everything on MySpace is overrated hype!” I consider generosity as one of the most valuable qualities in a human being, so this present made my day. And the rest of the week too, because I love the CD.
In this Soundtrack I don’t write much about Dutch music, but a substantial part of my collection is in Dutch. My mind works in Dutch and there are many subtle thoughts and emotions that I can only have in Dutch.
Tuur writes love songs, and the overall feeling i got from the CD is that of a man who is quite happy with Life. I am not like that. But I love to listen to positive people with a genuine lust for life. And Tuur uses unusual instruments, that are either toy-instruments or electronic sounds from an instrument that I don’t recognise. But it gives the songs a twist that pleases my ears quite a bit.
Here is Ziel, the openings track on the CD. Ziel means Soul in Dutch and for me Soul is what everything is about. And i love a man who chooses this word for the title of the openings track of his first CD.