Roel Smit

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

I cannot remember when I first met Roel Smit, but I am pretty sure he was not in a band yet. We were both lovers of comics and fanzines, and Roel was a beginning comic artist. In a country as small as Holland you cannot miss anybody who has similar interests.
Roel never made much comics, but he has become a very good illustrator. But most people will know him because he sings in a famous punk band, Human Alert.
For as long as I can remember Roel draws the covers of the Large catalogues. It is an amazing collection, that would deserve a exhibition. Because my son loves the stuff that Large sells, and they send these catalogues free, I see these catalogues everywhere in our house.
And before I throw some of them away, which I plan to do after I have finished writing this, I thought I should first show them to you.
Roel also does all the art work for Human Alert. I am not a real lover of punk music, but I wear the shirts that Roel sent me, and I treasure the cassettes, records and CD’s that I have of Human Alert. But it doesn’t happen every day that I play their music. Still, this a great song. And very funny too, if you speak Dutch. It is from a CD with rarities that Roel once gave me.