Gerhard Wendland

Monday, 30 April 2007

My brother-in-law, Patric Fassbender, recently gave me CDr with music by the German schlager singer Gerhard Wendland.
In the 60’s Gerhard Wendland had a giant hit in several European countries with the song Tanze mit mir in der Morgen. Since I don’t like this type of music, I postponed listening to the gift. Today I cleaned up my desk and re-discovered the CDr. It doesn’t have a sleeve, but it came in a beautiful case, that I had not yet seen before.
A few years ago I lived for a period of months in state of mind where nothing seemed coincidental. Everything in my life had meaning, everything was connected, and everything was good. I knew without a doubt that this was always so, everywhere, for everybody. I just didn’t saw it before. After a few months I began loosing sight of the perfection again. It returns every now and then, but most of the time I have to do with memories of what I saw and understood during that period a few years ago. And on many days I have to serious effort to remember my self of the truth and importance of those insights.
I feel a bit uncomfortable when I talk about these things, because I know how inappropriate words are to express experiences. But since it was the most important period in my life, I give it try every now and then. ( I know that some people just read this blog to hear the guy playing a chainsaw, which I promised months ago, but I still haven’t found that tape!)
When I picked up the Gerhard Wendland CD from my desk , out of nowhere the thought crossed my mind that everything in my life has meaning, even when I don’t see it. Or actually: I remembered that nothing in my life is meaningless, not even this Gerhard Wendland CD. It was just a thought, but I registerd it and followed the pathway that it openend up. And since i was holding that CD in my hand, I decided to use it as the subject for todays Soundtrack.
The first thing I did, was a Google search for an image of Gerard Wendland. To my surprise I found an image of an abstract painting that I liked very much, because it reminded me of the images that I saw at night during my peak experiences.
It said that the paintings were made by Gerhard Wendland. This is a different Gerhard Wendland than the singer/actor who I searched for. On an art-site I found this information:
Gerhard Wendland, 1910 in Hannover geboren und 1986 in Nürnberg gestorben, hat in seiner Malerei bewusst an die Grossen der ungegenständlichen Malerei wie Klee und Kandinsky angeknüpft. Unermüdlich, mit Ausdauer, unabhängig von Erfolg und Anerkennung, hat er sein Leben der Weiterentwickelung dieser Malerei gewidmet, beseelt von dem Impuls, den Menschen neue Erlebnismöglichkeiten zu erschliessen. Durch seine zahlreichen Ausstellungen und seine pädagogische Tätigkeit hat er vielen Menschen neue Anregungen vermittelt.
If you cannot read German, it says that this painter was motivated by a strong desire to show people new ways to experience Life. And that he did not care for success or fame.
This is for me a synchronicty of a high order, but it will probably mean little to nothing to others. And it would take a day to explain why all this is so meaningful for me. So I think it is better to leave it here and to end this blabbering with a song from the CD, Maya Mambo. And, as you probably expect, this song is also loaded with synchronicity for me.