Emily Carr

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Today I bought a book in a second hand store, that I passed by on my way to a house, where I had to built something:
I bought the book because I liked The paintings. Emily Carr seemed to have been fascinated by Native American culture. The paintings of Emily Carr reminded me of some of the paintings of Milan Hulsing. This painting caught my eye most of all:
I had never heard or seen anything of Emily Carr.
That is no surprise, because I know very little of art. But when I asked Google, I discovered that Emily Carr is well known and that many of her paintings can be seen on the Internet. Here for example, or here.
I was already impressed by the handful of paintings that are in the book, but what I have seen on line is even better. And she has made a lot of paintings!
And not only paintings, but also objects, wood carvings, pottery, books, and more. I have not seen one single thing that I did not like. Ain’t that strange? I do not like all the artworks of Van Gogh, for example.
I have said it several times before: how many artists like Emily Carr have I not heard of yet? Hundreds? Thousands? More?