Pieter Dorrenboom part 6

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Today I received a package from Pieter Dorrenboom. With a long letter, three 45’s and some of his latest illustrations. And because the man still doesn’t has a site of his own, I publish all of the work he sends me.

Pieter writes about his paperback collection. Mainly American and English detectives. Not very original, I know. Piet Schreuders has already mapped that territory and actually I started buying these pockets because of him. Unlike records nowadays, paparebacks are still very cheap and rather easy to find. I sent you a print with some covers, to show you how great this stuff is.
I have also started collecting viewmaster pictures, although not as fanatic a records. A man who is very passionate about viewmaster pictures is Marcel Verbaas, remember him?! Hij is going to organise Viewmaster projection parties, for a select audience. The first night has several themes: the American civil war, Old-timers (till 1930), Rotterdam in the fifties, the moon landing, Graceland and, of course, naked women. I will write a letter about the first event!
Of course I remember Marcel Verbaas. He once showed up when the rockabilly band, where I banged the drums in, was looking for a bass player. He was way too good for us, so we didn’t want him.
Here is one of the songs from the records that Pieter send me. It is the Bla bla bla cha cha cha by Titus Turner. The 45 was released on the Cardinal International label and has a aprt 1 and part 2 on it. You get part 1: