Magies Sentrum part 2

Saturday, 26 April 2008

There will come a day soon that there is more information on the Internet then in the real world. And that day is not far away. I expect this incredible turning point to happen within three or four years.
Tonight I looked on the Net for information about the people that played an important role in the sixties scene of Amsterdam. I found so many interesting things that I want to share some of them with you.
First of all is here the site of Cor Jaring. The photo’s that I used yesterday are his, and so are the photo’s that is use today. Here is a photo of Jasper Groothof during one of the Happenings at the Spui.
And here is Bart Huges, drilling the hole in his head that would make him famous.
On YouTube I found a few excerpts from documentaries. Here is an interview with Jasper Grootveld, with some great footage of the Happenings at the Spui:

And here is Jasper Grootveld again:

Here is a video of Theo Kley, in which you can see his famous roof garden. He is also reading one of his Theograms from India:

Here is a VPRO radio interview with Theo Kley, with the beautiful story of the beginning of Het Deskundologisch Laboratorium.
If you have other interesting information or links that shed some light on what happened in The Magic Centre of the world in the sixties, please let me know!
Here is an excerpt of the LP Bewegende Opjekten Sjoo by Hans Frisch.