Manfred Langer

Monday, 21 April 2008

I try to keep my opinions about what’s going on in the world for myself. I am very aware of many of the problems in the world, but I have no solutions, and I cannot even keep the peace in the little circle of people that I am living in, so I don’t think it is a good idea to give advise the rest of the world.
The problems that (some) gay people have are not my business, but I do see them as an example of the absurd society that we live. Beating up people because they favour their own sex is so ridiculous that the thought alone makes me sick. But here and now I only want to write about records.
I believe he died not very long ago, but Manfred Langer was one of the gays that used records to protest against the treatment of homosexuals in Holland. From a musical standpoint one or two records might have been enough, but Manfred made more. Not only 45’s, but also at least one LP. His first 45 was a song against Anita Bryant, and that got a lot of publicity.
I choose to share with you his less known second 45, with a song against the bisschop van Roermand, a church leader who, in the name of the catholic church, said some very stupid things about homosexuals.
For some reasons in the very last moment the title of the song was changed from De bisschop van Roermond to Anders, probably because the risk of being banned from radio and record shops. I got a copy with some extra info and pictures, that was send to the media.
Here is the song, which of course means nothing if you can’t understand Dutch.


David Bos

2014-04-13 00:11:17

Beste Showcase

Mooie site! Ik vond ‘m doordat ik zocht naar dat singeltje van Manfred Langer, “Anders – jij en ik.” Helaas werkt de link niet meer, zodat ik ‘m niet kan beluisteren. Kunt u ‘m repareren? Of weet u een andere manier waarop ik erbij kan komen? Het gaat me vooral om de tekst.

Met dank bij voorbaat en vriendelijke groet,
David Bos


2014-04-13 11:25:57

Hallo David, de link is gerepareerd!