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Saturday, 19 April 2008

Mainly because Milan told me he liked my first compilation of visionary Dutch records from the sixties, I made a second volume.
And just like part one, not all 25 songs are visionary, not all are from the sixties and not all are spectacular. But many of these records are hard to find, not available on CD, or hardly known at all. Well, not all: I just discovered that the LP of Hans Frisch, De levende opjekten sjoo, has been re-released on CD.
Some of the tracks (by Hans Wesseling and Nicolaas Kroese ) have been mentioned recently in this Soundtrack, but there are some nice surprises among the 25 songs that ended up in this compilation. Like the song that TV host Ron Brandsteder recorded as a teenager in the mid-sixties. Ron Brandsteder is one of the many TV personalities that everybody in Holland knows, but of whom nobody knows what they ever did to get so famous. The LP where this track comes from is very obscure. It is called Wij Athenozems and most of the songs are a bit too cabaretesk for my taste, but the two songs that Ron Brandsteder wrote and sang are more than okay.
I have the LP in perfect condition, but the sleeve is heavy mistreated. Somebody cut out parts of the original cover and glued them on a sleeve of Frank Pourcel. So I can only show you a part of the cover:
Here is a song that I did not use for the CD, although I like it very much. But sometimes you have to kill your darlings. The Levende opjekten sjoo of Hans Frisch is mentioned in this song, which might very well be the only time this happened on vinyl.




2008-08-06 15:05:53

Hoi, Heb met veel plezier een aantal items gelezen. Ben zeer benieuwd wat je op bovenstaande 2 CD’s hebt gezet. Zijn die te koop of zo? Groetjes, Rob Kopp


2008-12-23 04:35:15


1. Je CDR’s circuleren inmiddels door de Platenclub Utrecht.

2. Ondanks dat de hoes van Wij Athenozems in slechte staat verkeerd: zou je me voor mijn boek kunnen helpen aan scans van de voorzijde, de achterzijde en de labels (voor de tracklisting)? Bvd