Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Within three weeks we are going off to visit some friends, who have a house at the south coast of Spain. We have no real plans. We can stay there as long as we like, but we have only two weeks, and maybe we want to drive around a bit. My love takes care of all the little details, like arranging flight tickets, renting a car, packing our stuff, etcetera. My task is far more important: to record a few CD’s that will serve as the soundtrack to this trip. I have told about this before: whenever we go out with a rented car,I make one or two CD’s with songs for the whole family too enjoy. In the weeks up to departure I get all kind of requests, and there is a lot of discussion about what should be on the CD’s and what not. I always put a few songs on the CD’s that are made by people that we know personally. It may be an old demo tape or a telephone message, as long as our children know who is singing or playing. This little pet project showed me how many music is made by people that we know. At least 75% of all our friends and relatives have been in at least one band for a while, and many have been in more than one band all their life. And if they weren’t in a band, they have sang a song at a wedding or birthday party.
Half of these recordings are of course no fun if you don’t know the people who made them. But quite a few of our friends who recorded songs that in my not so humble opinion deserve a wider audience than the four of us.
Here is for example a song that is on a CD that Rob Crispijn wrote and and recorded for a CD that he made with two of his friends. Rob has been writing songs all his life for people like Herman van Veen, Loekie Knol and Hans Dorrenstein, and for projects like Klokhuis and Kinderen voor Kinderen, but this CD was the first time he ever sang himself. Having suffered from shyness all his life, Rob did this project to overcome his fears for being in the spotlight. Please close listen to the lyrics!
The CD is still available, but I couldn’t find a website that offers it. So if you are interested, in a copy, mail me and I will see that you get in contact with Rob.