Phonoscope part 2

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Recently I got some new Singing Postcards, from Marc Nagtzaam and from Ernest Uitermark. I only wrote about this beautiful two times so far. ( Here and here.)

I have only a few dozen of such cardboard records, most of them from Holland and Belgium. On this site is the only list of cardboard records that I have found so far. But these are all American records and all from Cereal boxes. It makes me wonder how many of these records must have been made. I guess it must be many thousands! But where are the lists and the pictures of all of them? I don’t think it is worth to put up the sounds that can be found on these records: I would be surprised if there are more than two records in my collection with an interesting song on them. But it are records and they are beautiful !

So, as long as nobody else does it, I will put up all the cardboard records that I have. Today you get my Dutch and Belgium Phonoscope tourist records. Other labels made tourist records too, and Phonoscope made tourist records for other countries too, and other cardboard records, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. So, here is part one to start with.

If anybody has any information on these paper picture records, I would love to hear that.
Too prove that the music on these records is not worth listening to, I recorded the best song that is on the six Phonoscope cards that are shown here. Not only is the music almost always boring and played by anonymous artists, the sound quality is of the no-fi kind and the songs have nothing to do with the pictures on the other side. And on top of that: these records destroy needles!
Here is a guy doing his best to imitate Charles Trenet:


Tim Taylor

2008-07-25 08:13:44

Hi, we have four Phonoscope singing postcards from Bermuda featuring four songs from Bermuda’s most famous group of the sixties, the Talbot Brothers. We plan on putting these on Ebay (U.S.) very soon, so if you’re interested you might like to check them out!