Ruud Hulleman

Thursday, 29 May 2008

I don’t know how long I know Ruud Hulleman, but that must be over 25 years. One of my earliest memories is a visit to an animation studio, where Ruud worked. The studio was doing a full length animation movie about a bear in a circus. That movie was never finished, but Ruud was one the people who was in the team that Wilbert Plijnaar, who was behind this movie, had put together. Ruud showed me some flip-over-animations, that he had made to test certain movements. Well, that is what he said. I still think he enjoyed makling flip-overs much more than the animation work which he was paid for. (Hm, I don’t know the right English word, I don’t think that flip-over is okay. I mean thumb-animation booklets, which is also probably not the right word. But Ruud was a genius in this art!)
Later I got befriended with Ruud and we did many projects together. Well, usually Ruud came up with an idea and asked me to help him out. Zines, comics, cartoons, songs, there is little that Ruud hasn’t done yet. But the chance that you have seen his work somewhere is small, because he does little to nothing to promote himself.
Lately he has begun making animation movies for himself. The first one is called “Burka bossa”, and he did both the music and the video clip, although he uses the name Talbo here in stead of his real name.

He also uploaded a clip that he did for two Dutch rappers, Baas B. & Negativ.

Ruud is sending me links to great stuff on the Internet on a daily basis. He is more into video than I am, but we also share interests in audio material. Ruud used to be a maniac home taper, especially radio shows. Over the years he must have send me weeks of tapes, mini discs and CD’s with Dutch radio shows. Here is a collage of fragments from a Dutch radio show that we both enjoyed very much: the Brom & Ruis Show! I am not even going to try and explain who this was to people from outside of Holland!