Calling You

Monday, 26 May 2008

Calling You



2008-05-26 05:42:14

wow, that’s quite a revelation. I recognize the situation and I recognize the feeling. As a teacher I cannot always liturally walk out of a situation with stupid kids, because I’m being paid to handle stupid situations, but there are ways around it. When a group doesn’t seem to want to come to it’s senses, I sometimes just take a chair and go meditating as if they’re not there. It works remarkably well.
In my private life I start acting more and more like you describe. There’s just so little time, I’m not going to spoil it anymore.


2008-05-26 05:57:12

Ah, this song brings back memories.. I was renovating a restaurant kitchen near Carré, they played ‘Eclipse’ from Astrid Seriese which has an mesmerizing version of this song. After a little googling I found this is the original: Jevetta Steele with the soundtrack of Bagdad Cafe


2008-05-26 09:06:01

I’ve seen this particular movie in a small theatre and it’s one of the most impressive movies I’ve ever watched. I had heard the song before, but I only really started loving it after seeing the movie.

Aris de Vries

2008-05-26 11:57:29

Brings back “good” old days of teaching! However, I couldn’t walk out of the impass…
Good for you Frits, now you have a choice, use it wisely!
Just as the song says, someone was calling you away to other duties far from none listening characters in this game of life. Thumbs up for Frits!