Sunday, 11 May 2008

Another label that made Musical Postcards is Sonim. The music that they used is even worse than that on the Phonoscope cardboard records, and their pictures don’t have those frayed edges, which make the Phonoscope musical cards so extra beautiful. Here is what I have of the Belgium tourist records made by Sonim:

On all these musical cards are numbers, but I can’t figure out what they say about the amount of cards that have been produced.
I will not again share with you one of the boring tunes from these records, so for today’s soundtrack is here a 45 in my Looney Tunes section. I will explain later what that means.




2010-07-26 19:26:29

Sir or Ma’am,
Sorry to bother you but I saw your item and thought I should ask you. My dad left me some postcards that have records on the front that are made by SONIM and say “Made in Belgium” on the back. They are exactly like yours but different pictures. Do you think they are worth anything? I think he brought them back from the war overseas. He was in the Army. Any help would be deeply appreciated…