Neder Reli

Monday, 5 May 2008

I have written at least one time about the Dutch reli compilations that I exchange with Jan Turkenburg. Well, he made more compilations than I did so far, but I am working on it.
Today I finally re-discovered a tape with a song that I wanted to be on the next CD I am making with Dutch religious songs. It is a 45 that Pieter Dorrenboom owns, and I could lend it for a while. I always tried to tape everything and although it must have cost me half of my life (and the other half listening to all the tapes!), I still think it was worth it.
Here is Evangelist Wout van Beek & The Musical Gospel Messengers with a song called De ruimtevaart van Gods kinderen. I have other records by Wout van Beek, but this is by far the best I heard from him. So, there is no sleeve, unless Pieter reads this and sends me a jpg. I remember that there was a spaceship on the cover, but that might be overheated imagination.
Some of the records that will be on my second CD with Dutch reli music come from Dirk Koorn, who keeps on giving me piles of that stuff. I remember that for years I didn’t want to even begin thinking about collecting these records, but I have now reached a point where I have to be careful not to wake up at night because of all the records that I did not buy but still remember. It is funny that I cannot remember the number of my own cell phone, but I do remember records that I saw once, many years ago, in second hand shops or on flea markets.



2008-05-05 09:06:46

I don’t wake up, I dream of recordshops that sell them, but there is always something why I can’t buy them: the shop is just closing, I loose my wallet, or the shop magically changes into a second hand underwear shop….