Spanish pocket books

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

While on a vacation in Spain, I was at a hippie festival in Las Negras. It felt like I was on a time trip to the early seventies! One of the best things of the festival was a clown, who did a great act with a huge balloon, and a Spanish guy with a beard, who sold second hand books. From a large box with Spanish pocket books I bought a few:
The pocket books in the box were all published by Ediciones G.P. in the 50’s and 60’s. All the covers seemed to be designed by the same person, whose name was not mentioned anywhere in the books. He or she made compositions of separate drawings, and used a lot of white for the background. I really liked these covers, so I bought a pile.
On some of the back covers there are little portraits of the author, probably drawn by the same man or woman who did the covers. If somebody happens to know who this is, I would love to hear that.
I didn’t see any records in any of the places where I was in Spain. But there have been some great ones made in Spain! I love the LP compilations that are made under the name “El soul es una droga!”. Here is the song by Los Kifers, where the title was taken from, also the openings track of the first compilation.