Andy Warhoofd

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

It is exactly two years ago today that I asked Marthy coumans if I could release a CD with the demo recordings that he made in 1991. Before he started a second life on e-Bay, Marthy was in a band called The Four One And Only’s. That band made three LP’s and a handful of singles and they toured the usual stages in Holland. After a few years the band ceased to exist, but I have heard that they still have a fanclub in Japan.
Mathy wrote all the songs for The Four One And Only’s, who had an English repertoireIn that period he began collecting obscure Dutch beat records . And he also wrote some Dutch songs himself. Because these songs could not be used for The Four One And Only’s, he recorded them at home with a friend, nicknamed Bob Geldwolf. Marthy called himself Andy Warhoofd.
On one of the tapes that Marthy and I traded, he recorded one of these recordings. I told him I loved that, and he dug up some more. Marthy was fed up with making music; I guess he was waiting for e-Bay to start. I told him how much I loved these songs, and that they were worth being released on a CD. You can do that, if you want too. And suddenly I had a CD-label.
But there are still no CD’s out. I am not good in organising things like this. I made a sketch for a sleeve, hoping to find somebody who was willing to make areal good design, but I have not found anybody yet. And there are many other things that have to be done to get this CD out. I feel guilty, because I think own Marthy to do what I promised. But unless a miracle happens, I guess you will have to wait a while before you can hear more than this one song from that CD. It is called Ze wil me.