YouTube rockabilly

Monday, 6 August 2007

Every now and then I spend an evening watching rockabilly bands on YouTube. Oh boy, what an incredible thing is YouTube! You wait a month and there are zillion new videos that are worth watching. And recording too, because the sound quality of many videos is quite okay. At least much better than the quality of the images. I don’t really care for that, because I have seen enough ugly rockabilly bands in my life, but I was surprised how many women I saw on the videos that I discovered last night.
The best thing I found, was this videoclip, by Dick Brave:

Here is a band that seemed to have had a number one album in England, but I had never of them, The Living End, with a nice cover of the psychobilly classic Tainted love.

There are about five housand clips of The Living End on YouTube and I liked many of them, but you can find them yourself. Here is a band named Gunning Dogs, with a well played variation on the basic rockabilly chords, and with real clip. This band might be from Czechoslovakia, so I better be careful with what I say. Good thing they don’t have moustaches!

The Mystery Band has some cool records out, and some nice videos too. (Check out their fake 50’s TV show appearance!!). Here is one that was new to me, Woodoo doll:

To my surprise there have been some new Restless videos uploaded on YouTube.
I am of course after the early days, like in this video of Long black shiny car. Man, what a band!

Well, and to end this little YouTube rockabilly sightseeing tour of today, here is video that quite captures the atmosphere of some of the psychobilly concerts that I saw. The band is The Phenomenauts.