Laguestra (Part 3)

Friday, 17 August 2007

As I wrote here and there I have a deep interest in the Dutch musician/composer/bandleader Willy Langestraat, who made some exotic records under the name Laguestra in the 50’s and 60’s. I would love to see a CD with his best work released somewhere, but so far it seems unlikely this CD will be available soon.
As Laguestra, Willy Langestraat did not made many records: about ten official 45’s, one 10 inch LP and a few advertisement records. The most interesting part of his oeuvre consists of radio concerts and never released demo’s. But I try to collect all music I can find of the man, of course. Recently I got hold of two records I had never seen before: a advertisement record for a company named Capri, and an late 70’s LP with ballads, recorded under his real name.
Unfortunately both records are not very interesting for an objective listener: the Capri single has two tango medley’s on it, and the LP is a collection of ballads, with Willy Langestraat playing clarinet. I prefer him playing sitar or Indian flutes! But it is always nice to find unknown records of my heroes, and it is also a good excuse to share with you some of his best recordings. Like this song, that Roland Vonk found on a tape with home made demo’s with no further information. It is probably recorded around 1960, and all instruments are played by the man himself.

And here is another mone made one-man-band demo: