Titanes en el ring

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

The actual listening to records is often not the true pleasure of collecting them. Over the year I have bought many records that enjoyed most before I played them. Titanes en el ring is one such a record.
I bought this LP at least twenty years ago, long before American wrestling could be seen on television in Holland. Not that I ever watch that: wrestling is totally wasted on me. But I love to see pictures of the early days of wrestling, with these guys in strange costumes. I remember that I once owned a book with posters of Mexican wrestlers from the 60’s. I have no idea where that book went, as many other things in my life. Anyway, on the back cover of this LP is a collage of black&white pictures of Mexican wrestlers from the same period:
I remember exactly when and where I bought this LP and what went to my head then. This seemed one of the best finds I ever did. I never have problems with letting my imagination running wild, and I expected to hear lots of wild percussion, grunting men, sexy women, sound effects, drugs and rock’n’roll. I had to wait a few hours before I could actually listen to the LP, so by the time I placed on my record player I could already hear that little voice in the back of my mind saying that my expectations were unrealistic. But my overheated imagination easily overruled this voice, so I was the happiest man on the planet, until I heard the first few seconds of this LP. In a state of shock I needle skipped to all the songs on both sides and tried to make sense of what I heard. I heard songs that had NOTHING to do with the LP that I had created in my imagination. In fact this was one of the most boring and stupid LP’s I ever heard. And it still is, because I just checked it. If you played this LP in an old people’s home, you had the whole crowd snoring before the end of side A.
Although I don’t understand what is said and sung on the LP, I do understand the concept: the LP is a collection of fake battles between fake(?) wrestlers. Only instead of fighting they sing against each other. Man, what a bummer.
Here is a song that is slightly better than the rest, but only very slightly. It is Hippy Jimmy. He has to take it up against Joe el Mercenario. I will spare you his song. And I will also spare you the songs that feature La Momia de Titanes , El Vikingo and the rididulous duo Don Quichote y Sancho Panza.

Hm, I know that there will be people that will not believe what I tell here and who are gonna ask me to send them an mp3 of that Momia de Titanes crap, so I better give it to you right away. And please don’t mail me that you don’t like it. I warned you!


Alex Bravo

2007-08-29 11:35:33

Man, I love this music. If you could email me all you have regarding titanes.

Thanks alot.


2007-10-13 10:24:09

hello Alex, all i have is this LP.


2007-10-16 20:30:19

Just to let you know that this was a wrestling show from Argentina (nothing to do with Mexico) and the songs were played when the “wrestlers” were entering the arena (I believe every wrestler had a song and it was played everytime he was about to fight).
I remember watching the show when I was a kid, it was great!

andrew israel

2010-06-30 04:29:01

I remember watching this program when I lived in
ARGENTINA. There are clips on You Tube as well.

My brother and I used
push each other off the bed
and pretend we were the MUMMY (LA MUMIA) or Kardagian. Brings back lots of great memories.