Japanese eye candy

Sunday, 19 August 2007

I should have known better, after all the other Japanese records I have brought home in the past three decades.
Always beautiful artwork, but the music is most often like sugar, where I prefer a home made vegetarian lasagne. Hm, this is probably not the best metaphor you have ever read, but it is the best I can think of right now.
Recently I found a handful of Japanese booklets with one or two one-sided red and blue flexi records in them. Based on the pictures and what I know of this material, it looks like a mixed media publication for teenage girls. They were made in the mid sixties; the figure 1965 is one of the rare things I understand in these beautiful booklets.
The booklets are the size of a 45 record sleeve and have about 20 pages, mainly filled with pictures of the featured artist. I got very exited when I found this stuff, and was equally disappointed later that day, when I played them on my good old Technics SL-5300 record player. The songs sound like sugar, while I prefer, well, I already said that.
I am sorry, this is about all the information I can give you about these goodies. Here is the track that I like best.