Tuesday, 10 July 2007

An ambigram is a word that is written in such a way that it stays the same when you turn it upside down. When you look on the Internet there are actually only a handful of people doing this thing seriously.
A few weeks ago I started making ambigrams too. As a comic letterer, a designer of alphabets and a lover of foolish activities, making ambigrams makes me very happy.
The results depend for a large part on the words that you are working with. Some words or names are almost impossible, and these words interest me most.
I don’t believe in impossibilities; I think there is always more possible than anybody can imagine. For ambigrams this means that there are always better solutions than the ones I can think of. Unfortunately I have also other things to do and I can only spend a few hours per week on this craft. Of course that is not an excuse for the lousy ambigrams that I sometimes produce.
I show you some examples of my ambigrams. I do mainly names of friends, but I would love to do this as a job. If you want me to try and make some ambigram for you, just ask. The price will depend on the quality of the result, but it will be around 25–100 euro.
Yesterday I wondered if there is something similar like ambigrams in music. Is it in theory possible to compose a tune that is the same when played backwards? Has anybody ever tried this?

Of course there is backward music, but that is something different. I will write about backward messages in pop music in a later issue of this Soundtrack (a subject that I find extremely interesting!), but for today I choose one of the songs that is entirely backwards. That is: it was recorded in a normal way, but the backward played version was put on a record. Most people will be familiar with the B-side of “They’re coming to take me away” by Napoleon the 14th. Here is the B-side of one of the two Dutch cover versions, by Hugo de Groot.


(I have made many more ambigrams, which I will put them somewhere else on my site. But here is a recent one, made for Milan, one of the two people of whom I know they read every day of this Soundtrack.)


Rob van der Meer

2007-07-24 05:46:37

Frits, Ergens in Hofstadter’s GEB staat een beschrijving van Bach’s canon technieken. Dezelfde melodie binnen 1 stuk vervlochten als tegengesteld, vertraagd, versneld, inverse. Niet bijzonder dansbaar maar wel intrigerend! Groet!

rohan rathod

2007-08-10 02:28:05

they are very good and send me some of them


2007-10-26 03:32:49

can you do my name into ambigram?


2007-10-26 05:16:41

Yes, i think i can. If you have patience, i will do it and send it to you. But i need an mail adress. My mail adress is on my homepage.


2007-11-19 18:43:34

your ambigram looks so very nice, thanks for doing my name into ambigram


2007-11-19 19:03:52

lanie and jade… can you do this ambigram to me?thanks


2007-11-20 14:49:58

Dear Melanie, I got a life to live! For 25 euros per hour you can ask me to do anything. Well, not really, but a lot. Greetings!


2007-11-22 11:59:15

can u do my name to ambigram


2007-12-08 14:46:11

can u draw my name to ambigram ? please it’s important for me..


2007-12-19 03:19:13

An Ambigram of my name would be highly appreciated, I hope you can find the time to do it. Thank you for taking the time to read my Post.


2007-12-19 03:24:39

An Ambigram of my name would be highly appreciated, I hope you can find the time to do it. Thank you for taking the time to read my Post.


2007-12-23 13:21:55

Can you do the word MANIFEST in an ambigram?


2008-01-18 15:24:10

would you be able to an ambigram with two words? such as it reading one thing one way and a different word the other way?


2008-01-28 12:15:43

i’ve been trying for ages to do an ambigram of the word SONG... but not working out very well… any suggestions?

Thanks :)

sandesh shetty

2008-06-06 07:26:22

i need ambigram of two names.. if its possible please let me know..
the names are “SANDESH”
AND “ KANVITA” .Atleast if the later one is possible just let me know..


2008-06-11 16:16:22

Would you possibly look at putting the name Chloe into an ambigram?


2008-06-13 10:40:03

would you be able to do an ambigram of “steven & Jennifer”? everywhere i go they say they cant do it. thank you!! :)


2008-06-30 16:21:48

can you do an ambigram of jen&tonic and maybe w a lotus?


2008-07-23 11:50:01

Can you please do my name into ambigram?


2008-07-23 11:52:50

Could you please do an ambigram in the names SiSi & Ralph? In caligraphic way?


2008-08-12 09:05:35

hi,can u plz do my name in ambigram?


2008-08-29 05:27:57

your works are great, i am really love looking to ambigram letters but dont know how to do it myself,,, can you make my name into ambigram too??, tnx

francine / carolina / asma

2008-09-23 05:25:12

I have been trying to do mine and my friends names but have havent been able too, would be really grateful in you could try.


2008-10-10 14:42:34

Can you please make mine and my husbands names as one ambigram? joshua and jenae


2008-10-13 19:30:54

Hi, I came across your site and love your work. Would it be possible for you to please contact me through email regarding having ambigrams made for a comission for a clothing project my sister and I are doing. Hope to hear from you soon.
Thanks, Meg


2008-11-05 23:01:26

can you do a love/pain . or faith/ hope thankkks

Kacie Tobat

2008-12-05 14:02:00

Ok so I want an Ambigram of Kacie/Bobby. I was wondering if you can do this??


2008-12-29 12:16:48

one of the words i think has no ambigram is albania and i wont to ask to you can you make a symbotogram of “death is certain,lifeis not” thank you


2009-04-06 10:41:36

can ya do that on my name?my name is jayr and if you are going to rotate it, it must be read “lego”.that is my son’s name. So it’s jayr – lego. For my tattoo. please email me different designs guys..thanks

Aaron Roberts

2009-04-07 18:10:37

hi you dont know me but ive been trying to find some body that can do my name in ambigram but if you could find the time to do mine i would be very greatfull


2009-04-23 23:58:27

Could you do my children’s names? Cait and flipped Colt?

Kelvin Alexis

2009-04-29 22:28:33

could you do my name in ambigram?..

my name is Kelvin Alexis.. thanks..


2009-05-04 04:36:51

can you create a ambigram for my name….....
My name is Adhikesavan….


2009-05-10 07:57:19

hi there i was wondering if you could spair the time to do my name in an ambigram please?


2009-05-16 06:24:38

may you create my name in to ambigram?(Nathan Wilman)


2009-05-21 14:25:26

can u do my name in ambigrams


2009-06-07 22:01:39

can u pls make an ambigram of my name>>!!!! i noe its hard with all these requests but i would apreeciate it if u could….thnx~


2009-06-18 01:29:39

i think its really cool to hav ur own ambigram…


2009-07-08 02:17:46

would u please provide my names ambigram my name is KAVISH


2009-09-21 12:23:19

i always have loved how unique my name is spelt if you could, could you make a tattoo with my name i greatly appreciate it…p.s. i love your work


2009-11-24 18:05:01

My name is Karishma Khan. When I heard about ambigram, I was quite interested with it.And I wish to see my name ‘Karishma Khan’to ambigram. Can u please create an ambigram for my name?


2009-12-10 10:19:04

i tried to create an ambigram of my ‘message’, but failed
could you please help me?
to create ‘i love you so much’ to ambigram?

thank you so much


2010-03-03 09:47:16

hey….i need an ambigram of 2 names…..“SUNIL” & “DEEKSHA”……


2010-04-05 21:51:02

Hi there, I wonder if you take requests as I am looking for an ambigram of “Dusty” for a tattoo.



2011-01-11 08:41:16

Hi, Can you help me by creating an ambigram of 2 names in 1. Please comment on the same, so that i give you the names. Thanks in advance for your kind support. And looking forward to hear from you.


2011-03-29 03:59:20

can you combine the 2 names Mark and Honey..?


2011-04-08 21:25:29


Your work is great!! Very well done/put togehter. im not asking you to make anything i just wanted to tell you that i really
like your webpage!!!


2011-04-08 21:55:50

@Megan: thanks for the very nice comment!


2012-04-09 07:40:55

your really great! Can you try making ambigram of angie and mark?, it’s for my boyfriend, thanks


2012-04-09 07:41:35

your really great! Can you try making ambigram of angie and mark?, it’s for my boyfriend, thanks


2012-04-09 07:42:07

your really great! Can you try making ambigram of angie and mark?, it’s for my boyfriend, thanks


2014-09-18 22:50:28

nagesh love karishma

Skielar Herchik

2022-06-13 05:45:32

Your work is amazing. I was wondering if you were able to combine the names Skielar. And lemar. It’s for a tattoo I’m looking to get. Tyia