Patricia Paay

Thursday, 26 July 2007

As a daily listener of Adam Curry’s podcast ( Daily Source Code ), I get to hear Patricia Paay too every once in a while, because the two are married, and occasionally she sits in when Adam is recording a show. Adam said she is thinking about picking up singing again, which she gave up many years ago. I don’t think that much of her records got out of this country, but she was quite a star here in the latter half of the previous century.
She started in the mid 60’s with Dutch repertoire and had a hit with a song about a uncool boyfriend, Jij bent niet hip. In the 70’s Patricia was a studio singer. She sang in many commercials and 1001 productions for radio, record and television. She also had a handful of disco hits. In the eighties she sang in one of the Stars-on-45 songs, which has recently been remixed and reissued.
Apart from the commercials and a few of the disco songs, I am not very interested in the Patricia Paay’s oeuvre, but there is one song that made me write this story. It is a (now sleeveless) 45 of the band Heart, that I bought more than 30 years ago after I heard it on the radio. You have every reason to wonder why on earth I bought this record, but it is the sound.
I loved bands like Mud,Suzi Quatro, Slade, The Sweet and The Bay City Rollers for this particular sound, and it helped that Heart was a Dutch band. The record probably got a lot of airplay on the Dutch radio stations, although I cannot remember that. I don’t even know if it was a hit. But I still love this song. I wonder where the sleeve went. I cannot even remember what It looked like. But I do remember what Patricia looked like.


Alexandra Carpenter

2008-02-26 13:13:13

Hello Patricia. I don’t know if you remember me but I live a few houses away from you in Verona, NJ. I just want to say hi! I hope all is well with you, Adam, and Christina.


2008-02-28 17:33:24

he alexandra i know patricia for years in real life and i can tell you she dont care who live in her neberhoud she onley cars about many money and rich mans


2009-11-19 15:18:54

all woman do, dickhead..


2009-12-11 23:11:57

Dick head, perhaps a few English lessons would do you good… nice choice of words did you drop out of school in the third grade?


2009-12-13 23:37:50

Hey, this is MY blog! I don’t think this discussion is making the world a better place. Let’s leave it here, okay?


2010-10-22 01:42:43

I like Patricia Paay very much for her permanent beauty which is all the ladies admire and should learn from her . Wish you the best Patricia , keep your style , be as you are and live for yourself forever.


2013-07-26 01:34:15

I wonder how much cost to maintain the “permanente beauty” of Patricia Paay. Everything is false in her body, and does she have brains?