Wednesday, 4 July 2007

I met my love about twenty years ago, in Dusseldorf, Germany. She liked Amsterdam at least as much as me, so soon after we met she moved over to my place. Since then I visit Dusseldorf two or three times a year. And often I go to a fleamarket, which in Germany is called a Trodelmarket. Today you can hardly find any interesting record there anymore, just like in Holland, but up until ten years ago these Trodelmarkets were goldmines.
I have bought many German 45’s from the 60’s. All the best records from that period have now been re-released on CD, including the records that you and I will never find. If anybody is interested I can make a list of some of my favourite samplers. But I was most of all interested in the records that didn’t fit in any category and that for that reason are not very collectible. Like the records that I file under Ohlala.
German humour is in most cases not very funny in my opinion. It is difficult to explain what humour is, let alone what is not humour. But let’s say that the people in Germany are not very subtle in their humour. Most jokes have a sexual undertone. And in this category there also a lot of records made. I won’t even start to try to explain what these records are about, but the titles already give away some of the content: Mini-kini, Ich bin so sexy, Leck mich am Arsch Marie, Striptease Tango, Heisse Hoschen, Mir ist so heiss, und so weiter, und so weiter.
I don’t expect that anybody who reads this has but the slightest interest in hearing these records, but I am going to give you the opportunity anyway. Apart from 45’s I have also a collection of German LP’s in the *Ohlala sector. Mixing humour with sex rarely leads rarely to interesting records, but what has been done in Germany in this field will be a tough puzzle for future alien archeologists.
Here is Die 10001e Nacht by Wolfgang Gruner & Edeltraut Elsner.