Monday, 23 July 2007

Ruud Hulleman sent me a link to I had never heard of this site, but I have just spend a few hours exploring what there is to find here and I thought it is worth sharing this with you. But it will be a short story, because I want to spend the rest of this evening on is a sort of YouTube for documents and books. Of course I prefer to read a book in a paper version, but if an article is interesting I don’t mind staring at a screen for an hour. And in the few hours I searched, I found several books I didn’t know to exist and that seemed worth downloading.
I did searches for all my favourite writers, like P.D. Ouspensky, Terenece McKenna, Robert Anton Wilson, Graham Hancock, etcetera. There were hits for all of them.
I prefer to read PDF’s on a cpomputer, but you can also download Word- files and plain text files. And, taratata, MP3 files of a robot voice reading the texts! I have been listening to some texts in this weird way tonight. It takes some extra concentration, but I was surprised how good it worked. It makes me feel I am living in a science fiction movie!
Here is an excerpt from Tertium Organum, the first book I read of P. D. Ouspensky. Ouspensky was fascinated by what he calls the 4th dimension, and what today is called the Real World behind the Matrix. In this short fragment he explains Kant’s theory of Time and Space.

If you are not familiar with his writings, maybe In search of the Miraculous is the best book to start with. There is an abridged audio version of this book available on tape, read by Lawrence Rosenthal. Listening to a robot voice for more than two hours makes me painfully aware of the miraculous quality of human voices like that of Lawrence Rosenthal. But you won’t hear me complain, I find very exciting. And I have no doubt that within a few years these robot voices will hardly be different from a human voice.


John Chiang

2009-11-12 14:40:40

Thanks for this introduction. Unfortunately, I was unable to open this website. Wondering if this website was blocked by China government. I don’t know why they block this website. Is it something wrong to Chinese Government? This is literature site, why they block it?

If you can advise how to open it, or go through other country side. Believe many Chinese were unable to open this website. I know there are lot of e-books for our perusal. Thanks.



2011-07-24 23:36:49

Hello John, just saw your comment. A bit late (after four years) but if you ever want to have info that you cannot find in China, just ask.