Finnish pizza

Monday, 9 July 2007

When Milan Hulsing was at my place, a few weeks ago, he left a record. I just rediscovered it. I had placed it on a safe place, because the LP was packed in a Pizza box, and I didn’t want my kids to think they could use it for playing.
I never have seen an LP in a pizza box, and that is strange because one would think that more people will have noticed the similarity in size.
The LP in this box is a sampler with Finnsh music, probably recorded in the mid-eighties. I am not impressed, to say the least. But, as we say in Holland, je moet een gegeven paard nooit in z’n bek schijten, dus ik dacht: laat ik er meteen maar een stukje over schrijven, dan hebben we dat ook weer gehad.
If the 15 bands on this LP give a reliable impression of the Finnish music scene of that period, I am happy I didn’t live in Finland in the eighties. The bands cover all possible genre, from rock’n’roll to latin, and from jazz to acapella. But I find it difficult to pick out one tune for today’s Soundtrack. So I choose two:
Here is Stilton Kwesi Johnsson with a background version of a song called Bagdad.

And here is a band who’s name I can’t read with a song called Varm Kow Boogie. Well, I am sure about that boogie, but not entirely about the first two words.



2007-07-09 03:49:12

I’m sincerely sorry this monstrosity ended up at your place. It’s the kind of thing that’s impossible to store and is basically only taking up space without giving anything back. The story is, this is an amateur college band’s hand-out record. I’ll find a way to releave you of this within some weeks so please be patient!