Monday, 12 October 2009

Harrie Berkhout (who runs the record store Flesch, in the Noorderkerkstraat in Amsterdam) called me to say that he had another chocolate record sleeve for me. It was empty, of course, but I jumped on my bike anyway.

This is another chocolate record made by Beukers & Rijneke, a company in Rotterdam, Holland.
I am still searching for more information on chocolate records, because Dolf Hell, Bas Trimbach and I are going to make a book about this subject. Here is another find:

I think that this flexi record was once the upper part of a chocolate record, but I am not sure of this. Baronie is a chocolate factory, of course, but I need more proof to be sure that they made chocolate records too and that this record was once the playable half of a chocodisc.
To be continued!