Monday, 12 October 2009

There are many theories about cymatics going around on the Internet. I love to hear and read all of them. But when I watch the videos of cymatic experiments, I only see that certain sounds produce patterns in inanimate material. That is enough in itself to get me excited, but all the rest is nothing but theory.
I would love to see what happens when dust/sand/water is exposed to music. So far the cymatic experiments that I have seen videos of, are done with sounds of one specific frequency. The result is a pattern that looks like the patterns we see in primitive life forms. Would more complex sounds create more complex forms?
If I was a science fiction writer, I would write a story about a mad scientist, who discovers that certain music causes matter to become alive, under specific circumstances that he discovers by accident. In his laboratory he starts creating all kind of life forms. First primitive life forms, but soon he learns to create more and more intelligent creatures. He realises the risks, but he knows that he can cease their existence by turning off the music that creates them.
One day he discovers that a certain esoteric piece of music, composed by a forgotten musician that was a close friend of Aleister Crowley, creates a scarlet woman that is hardly disguisable from real. She seduces him to keep the music on, so that she can live. He teaches her about her situation, she learns to talk, and the story ends when she kills him and steals his I-Pod to live forever.
In the Ed Veenstra box was this amazing LP:

There is no information on the LP, and there is no sleeve or inlay either. There are three songs or soundscapes on the record, and to my ears they seem to have nothing to do with the cymatic patterns that are printed on the vinyl. Not that I mind that. Just looking at this record makes me extremely happy.


John Stuart Reid

2009-10-17 18:25:22

An interesting post. Take a look at the musicology section of our web site: We’ve posted an experimental “MusicMadeVisible” video I think you’ll like.


2009-10-18 04:30:04

This is what i hoped for! I didn’t know the site, but it is by far the best Cymatic corner of the Net that i know of.

John Stuart Reid

2009-10-18 04:42:43

Cymatics is a wonderful new scientific tool and we are all privileged to witness its emergence. Your comments are most kind, Frits, thank you. John Stuart Reid.


2009-11-04 10:30:27

I like your article. I too have a fascination for cymatics. John Stuart Reid has visited my sites where I have put together some articles that might interest you. Drop by <a href=“”>Cymatics-Sacred Geometry-DNA</a> and <a href=“”>Crop Circles and 2012</a>.

Let me know what you think.