Saturday, 17 October 2009

My love works for the school where our daughter goes. The concierge of this is in a hospital with cancer. He is al old guy, probably 60 or so, and from Surinam. My love came with the idea to give him an MP3 player filled with Surinam music. Great idea! And you will already have guessed who was asked to do this job.
The past few nights I have been digitalising some of LP’s from my Surinam shelf. In fact, most of these LP’s are what Dolf Hell calls ”bijvangst”. In search for Suri-soul songs, which are often on records that don’t look like soul records at all, I have bought many Surinam records that I don’t really care for. I am not particular interested in traditional Surinam music for example, but over the years I have heard so much of it that I am beginning to appreciate it.
Among the LP’s that ended up on Jimmy’s MP3-player is ””Switi momo” by The Happy Boys.

There is one song in particular that made me keep this LP, despite the fact that there so no soul song on it. That is Jorka soepoe . It sounds as if it is a song about some kind of monster, but my Surinam is not what it used to be.