Terence McKenna

Monday, 19 October 2009

Every now and then a “new” talk by Terence McKenna shows up on the Net. Like recently: an interview made in 1999, right before his death, was made into a podcast by The Psychedelic Salon (Podcast 198 – “Terence McKenna on NPR – 1999″).
In this talk I especially like McKenna’s description of the strange and not often recognised process of mixing up personal memories with other data, like television, dreams, movies, books, etcetera. I notice that more and more people do this, unaware of course, and I find this pretty disturbing.
To hear Terence McKenna saying things that I have not heard him say before is always very inspiring. But it reminds me of the fact that there is no one like Terence McKenna and that he has been death for nine years now.
I would love to write a book on the best ideas that McKenna gave to the world. But a few years ago I asked a handful of publishers if there was any interest for such a book. Getting no reaction at all, not even a “no”, seemed a very clear answer to my question. But every now and then I still think that I should do it. Like when I listened to this 198th podcast (Podcast 198 – “Terence McKenna on NPR – 1999″) of the Psychedelic Salon.