Alex Sas

Saturday, 29 September 2007

Last night I helped my brother moving a washing machine, a refrigarator and some other stuff to his house.
Thes thing once belonged to Alex Sas, one of his friends. Alex moved to another town. He married there and is now father of half year old child. His old house had to be emptied, and he didn’t want any of the things he left behind. He didn’t even want money.
Alex once was DJ. That was in the early nineties. I went to several of the parties he organised and liked them. He played a nice mix of soul, funk, disco, hiphop and house. We traded some tapes, but I never had any idea what his record collection was like. I only knew that he loved 12 inches.
The rest of the van, that my brother had rented for the operation, was filled with boxes. In those boxes was the record collection of Alex Sas.
Alex had called me last week, to ask if was interested in his record collection. I said that I have not much space, and not much money to spend either, but he didn’t want any money. If I didn’t want the records, he would leave them behind. Well, okay, I said. Had I already said that Alex is very nice guy?
The boxes with records are now in my place, and I am trying to get an idea of what it all is. Half of the records are 12 inch records. Almost all of these are garage/techno/hiphop, of which I don’t know much. There are also about a hundred 45’s, of which I already have most of the good ones. But there are a few nice surprises in this box. The real treasures are among the LP’s. Alex bought a lot of compilations with hard to find floorfillers. That is genre I collect too. I have only gone through the records once, but what I saw made me pretty excited.
I love to listen to what other people love to listen to. Alex kept some of the 45’that bought when he was a kid: The Rolling Stones, AC-DC and much disco-hits of the late seventies. You will hear more of all this in the next few days.
Here is a track from an LP on Goldmine records, The sound of funk (volume one) ,with 16 James Brown inspired funky rarities: The Herb Johnson Settlement with Damph faint.