Monday, 10 September 2007

Although I do care much more for the music than the actual objects, there are quite a few records in my collection that are dear to me because they are so great to watch and hold. I rarely have this feeling with CD’s. And most of all i have this feeling with advertisement records.

Today some little 5 inch advertisement flexi’s fell from the shelves, and that reminded me of one of the reasons why I started this Soundtrack: I wanted to write about records that, as far as I know, have nowhere been mentioned yet. Like these one-sided milky white ones. Because they are two inches smaller than the rest of my advertisement records, they tend to get lost. But there is always a library angel bringing them under my attention every now and then.
The records were made in the 60’s by a Belgium company named Banania. The little negro in the logo is holding a cup , so I guess Banania produced a drink, but I have never heard of a banana drink with that name.
The highest number that I have is 41, but on the records that have a sleeve only 22 titles are mentioned. There are some jazz and accordeon records in the repertoire, but the main part are chansons de varieties, meaning covers of hits from those days, like Ne me quitte pas, Mon homme est un guignol and Au plaisir des bois. All songs are sung by anonymous artists, accompanied by an orchestra directed by Pierre Spiers.
There is no need to tell me that these records are not among the best records you can find on the Internet, but I liked them so much when I saw them again today, that I could not resist sharing them with you. And be happy: I could have made mp3’s of all my Disco-bana records in stead of only this one: