Saturday, 22 September 2007

I don’t download much music from the Internet. I don’t use peer-to-peer software. I listen to podcasts and I download some stuff from the blogs that I subscribe to. It would be no problem to find hours of music per day, but I wouldn’t listen to that anyway.
What I do like to do every now and then, is to surf the Net and record all kind of things that I stumble upon and that I find interesting.
Not every sound on the Net can be downloaded, but everything can be recorded. I like to end such a surf session with a CD compilation, that I can sent to friends.
I have reason to think that most of the people who have received one of these compilations have never listened to them. I can understand why: I am looking for things that I have my interest, and whatever I choose to record is not only selected on musical criteria. I want to record a glimpse of the Zeitgeist.
Because I named the first compilation of this kind Soundtracking, the rest goes by the same name. Maybe I should use a little more imagination for the titles, and also for the artwork, but it is all done on the spur of the moment, usually in one night, and I want to keep it fun.
I mean, I don’t want to think to much about it. I already made it more difficult than it used to be in the beginning, because on the last four CD’s I only recorded material that has to do with the Internet and new media.
Last night I did half hearted attempt to come up with a new compilation, but I was too tired and not very inspired.
Here is a track from a band that I discovered on an earlier surf trip: Futuristic Sex Robots. They call themselves gangster nerd rappers, and they are not the only ones operating in this genre. I really love their CD Hotel Coral Essex You can download it for free from their site, but donations are of course appreciated.
Here is a track from the Futuristic Sex Robots, Welcome to the Internet:



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